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Foodnews World Tomato Report 2013


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This report identifies the main processing-tomato zones and their production magnitudes and looks at the challenges facing them.

World Tomato Report 2013

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Product Overview

China, India and Brazil represent a new wave of demand for processed-tomato products, alongside traditional developed markets around the world. With hundreds of new McDonald’s branches opening up around the world every year (most of them in China), other chains are following suit as tomato-rich westernised diets take root in previously unconquered areas.

One of the biggest uses of processed tomato products – and certainly one of the fastest growing – is the fast food sector, in relishes and sauces. Consumers in some more developed economies may now be turning away from fast food for lifestyle-related reasons, but consumers in more newly wealthy countries are now turning to fast food for exactly the same reasons.

This report identifies the main processing-tomato zones and their production magnitudes and looks at the challenges facing them.

Detailed chapters on individual countries examine issues such as how:

  • EU subsidies have in the last decade undergone major changes that initially caused some to insist that the end of the processing-tomato sector as a whole in Europe was at hand. That shrill forecast has not yet come to pass, but the impact of low-cost producers like China has placed a new emphasis on competitiveness. How are Europe’s growers and producers doing, and how are frictions between growers and processors being managed?
  • US processors have meanwhile been able to brave the storm by being phenomenally efficient and having few processors working with very high volumes, making a powerful argument in favour of a vertically integrated approach.
  • China remains a prodigious producer, but is still afflicted by major problems, as its disastrous 2012 crop shows. It will have to learn hard lessons, but seems eminently capable of doing so. Can China achieve – consistently – the kind of quality and reliability that afford European and US product a premium?

Meanwhile, a chapter on ketchup shows how where the demand is found can play as big a role in dictating where ketchup is made as where the tomatoes are grown.

The report concludes by taking a longer-term view at some of the newest developments facing not just the processing sector but agriculture in general and the wider world and asking what the ‘next big thing’ to influence the sector will be and where.

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Published: August

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Robert Songer is a former deputy editor of Food News and has expert of global tomato markets, having covered the sector closely for several years.

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