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Agrow Global Biostimulants Regulations 2016


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Legislation and Administration | Registration Process | Regulatory Issues and Challenges | Data Requirements and Guidance Documents | Registered Products

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Product Overview

This unique Agrow Global Biostimulant Regulations 2016 study examines how regulatory frameworks for biostimulants are evolving in significant markets around the world.

It reveals the complexity and dynamism of the global regulatory picture, and highlights how regulatory uncertainty is perhaps the single largest constraint to future growth of the biostimulant sector.

The existing regulatory landscape is fragmented and contradictory. Biostimulant products are entirely unregulated in some countries, classified as fertilisers in others, and treated as plant protection products elsewhere.

However, while estimates of market size vary widely, it is broadly agreed that the market is growing rapidly – in 2015, global sales were around US$1.4bn and are projected to reach US$2.9bn by 2021 with a CAGR of 10 to 12%.

Primary growth drivers for the biostimulant market include political and societal pressure to promote high-performance sustainable agriculture; an increasingly tough regulatory climate for conventional chemical inputs; improvement in product efficacy and reliability; new product innovations; and market expansion beyond traditional niche sectors to conventional agricultural field crops.

The entry of multinationals has significantly improved market access and expansion through faster product commercialisation, increased R&D investment, and more effective technology transfer to growers. It has also brought discipline and increased professionalism, which has helped to improve the sector’s credibility.

This report highlights the dynamic tension between the need to ensure safety and, at the same time, promote the adoption of newer, safer technologies to ensure that useful products are available, controls are justified, and procedures are transparent.

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More Info
Dr Philippa Guest is a renowned expert on global biopesticide and biostimulant regulatory frameworks, and co-director of the Agronomica consultancy. She is the author of a 2015 Agrow report on Global Biopesticide Regulations.

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